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Integrating Scientific Knowledge in Mixed Forests

EuMIXFOR Final Conference

COST Action FP 1206

5 - 7 October 2016, Prague, Czech Republic

The conference was organized under the auspices of the Czech Minister of Agriculture Marian Jurečka

Structure, dynamics and functioning of admixtures of tree species is a research topic of increasing relevance across Europe. The reason is that it is frequently suggested that mixed forests present (i) more resistance and resilience to human or non human disturbances, (ii) higher biodiversity levels (iii) higher carbon storage capacity and thus higher potential for mitigation strategies, (iv) better adaptation strategies to global change, and (v) higher productivity and support for ecosystem services. The European Network on mixed Forests, EuMIXFOR, has contributed to the understanding, managing and future of mixed Forests. During the final conference relevant results and future perspectives of the role of mixed forests in the provision of ecosystem services was addressed.


Forestry and Game Management
Research Institute
Czech University of Life Sciences,
Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences
Mendel University,
Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology


Ministry of Agriculture
of the Czech Republic
Lesy České republiky 
(Forests of the Czech Republic),
state enterprise


COST is supported by the EU Framework
Programme Horizon 2020

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