Forestry and Game Management Research Institute

Forestry and Game Management Research Institute (FGMRI) is a public research institution based in Strnady 136. Its main task is a research activity to the extent of the Act no. 130/2002 Coll. on support of research and development from public funds and on amendment to some related acts. FGMRI promotes above all the research that is supported from public funds according to rules given by the law of the European Union. The prevailing part of FGMRI activities lies in a research focused on forest management as well as expertise and consulting services for state administration and forest owners. FGMRI is a departmental forestry research institution.


Address: Strnady 136, 252 02 Jíloviště, Czech Republic
Delivery address: FGMRI, 156 00 Prague 5 – Zbraslav, Czech Republic
Tel. +420 257 892 222 

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