Department of Game Management

Currently, the activities of this department cover above all:

  • Expertise and consultancy service related to forest protection against game damage;
  • Problems related to ecology, forest environment and biodiversity boost;
  • Information service for forest owners and tenants, alternatively also for forest and hunting ground subtenants. This activity is done within the task assigned by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic

When solving current problems of game management and related fields (forestry, agriculture and so on), the information are gained through literary searches in foreign literature, cooperation with foreign experts, verifying of methodologies and formulation of our own methodologies, alternatively also the construction of some products.
The department compiles research projects of methodology patterns focused on environmental arrangements, modifications of game animals’ management connected with legislation or projects that are addressed to conflict situations between economical interests of man and animal.

Consultancy and research activity is focused on these fields

  • Providing consultancy activity and professional approach encouragement for forest owners and skilled forestry and game managers.
  • Ensuring of diagnosing and assessment of game damages development related to actual capacity of environment and present state of game animals population. The aim is fulfillment of claims of state authorities and practice through new methodologies and technologies that are not commonly available or manageable in practice (such as above standard mathematical-statistics databases of damage, GIS modeling, etc.)
  • Ensuring of monitoring of forest ecosystem damages development and its solving in connection with game state of health (beyond standard research of state veterinary administration) and claims for animal food coverage – fulfilled.
  • Preparation of programs and recommendations if integrated forest protection on the basis of results of inventory of game damages on forest stands in the Czech Republic, done in 2000, 2005, and 2010 – consultancy activity for the most affected regions.
  • Ensuring of monitoring and game damages solving on agriculture lands following forest stands.
  • Preparation of special programs and studies of doability on environmental diversity boost and ecologically balanced conditions for state forestry and game management administration, forest owners and game preserves and pheasantry tenants in forests of special purpose.
  • Ensuring of game populations progress monitoring (introduced and endangered species) depending on the state of forest ecosystems and formulation of recommendations.
  • Ensuring of monitoring and evaluation of legislative tools effectiveness in practice. Preparation of documents, recommendations and suggestions for more effective management and application of forest protection measures, game populations and their harmonization with society-wide needs.

The head of the Department of game management: Ing. Jan Cukor, Ph.D.