FORECOMON Conference and Task Force Meeting of the ICP Forests 2024

FORECOMON 2024 – The 11th Forest Ecosystem Monitoring Conference

Monitoring for future forests
Prague, Czech Republic
10–12 June 2024

The Conference as well as the Task Force meeting is organized under the auspices of the Czech Ministers of Agriculture Marek Výborný and Environment Petr Hladík

The organization of the conference was financially supported by the state enterprise Forest of the Czech Republic

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FORECOMON Conference, Tuesday 11. 6. 2024, 9:00 – 18:00, Final downloadable programme; Conference Proceedings

Excursion, Wednesday 12. 6. 2024, 8:30 – 21:00, Excursion guide

European forests are increasingly affected by climate change-driven stressors, which in combination with air pollution strongly reduces tree health and increases the risk of tree mortality. This poses a threat not only to wood production, but also to other ecosystem services such as biodiversity, water, soil protection, carbon sequestration and recreation. Long-term forest monitoring plays an indispensable role to address the influence of global change on forest ecosystems including their resilience toward specific climate extremes and air pollution.

Since almost 40 years ICP Forests monitors the interactive effects of air pollution, climate, site and stand factors on our forests under the UNECE Air Convention. This has resulted into a unique harmonized and standardized asset of long-term data, which allows scientists, stakeholders and policy makers to assess status, trends and functioning of European forest ecosystems in a changing environment.

The goal of FORECOMON 2024 is to highlight the unique ICP Forests data series and to demonstrate how data are used to support the development of future monitoring activities in European forests. Besides scientists, stakeholders and decision and policy makers are welcome to join the discussions on opportunities and needs of future forest monitoring.

We welcome contributions addressing how forest monitoring can identify relevant current and future pressures and responses, and how timely development of new monitoring schemes can support the development of resilient forests that fulfill the various functions and services to society.

Task Force Meeting of the ICP Forests is organized as a back-to back meeting with the FORECOMON Conference

Prague, Czech Republic
12-14 June 2024