Forest Protection Service

The Forest Protection Service of the FGMRI Jíloviště – Strnady has been established as an organizational part of the Dept. of Forest Protection, based on the accreditation by the Ministry of Agriculture CR in 1995.

It is divided into two regional working sites (here):
Strnady (for Bohemia),
Frýdek-Místek (for Moravia and Silesia).

Provides advisory, training and expert service in forest protection for all forest owners and users. It is fully supported by the Ministry of Agriculture CR and is provided without charge.

Among others it is processing the confirmations in appropriation system, and is testing the biological efficiency of pesticides in forest protection (List of authorized forest protection products is issued).

Other activities:

  • survey and monitoring of biotic harmful agents
  • advisory service in forest protection for all forest owners
  • methodical assistance in large-scale control operations against pests
  • central records of occurrence and damage of biotic and abiotic agents within the whole republic
  • publication of annual reports on occurrence and prognosis of forest harmful agents
  • seminars and symposia on forest protection for forest managers
  • issuing pest leaflets, a journal for forest protection and other materials