Our colleague Pavel Bednář has been awarded by the Award of Ing. Jiří Novák, for his research on larch

Foresters are benefiting from branch research, which is helping them adapt to climate change. An example of this is the project “Possibilities of Using European Larch in Czech Forests under the Impact of Climate Change” („Možnosti využití modřínu opadavého v českých lesích pod dopadem klimatické změny“), which is being implemented within the Forestry and Game Management Research Institute (FGMRI).

The main objective of the project is to deepen knowledge about the larch tree and the potential of its use in Czech forests when growing mixed and growth-differentiated stands. One of the key activities of the project is to prove the origin of the larch tree species in the Czech Republic.

Ing. Pavel Bednář, Ph.D., a researcher at FGMRI, was recognized for his design and implementation of a forestry project at the SILVA REGINA fair. He was awarded by the Award of Ing. Jiří Novák by the Minister of Agriculture, Marek Výborný. Pavel Bednář received a graphic commemorative certificate, a hunting fang, and a financial bonus for his significant achievement in the forestry sector of the Czech Republic.

“Thank you very much for the award, which I value immensely. I see it as an award for our entire research team and, last but not least, an award for forestry science as a whole. Czech forestry is currently at a crossroads. It is a critical time where forestry practice and forestry research need to work together as intensely as possible to face these new challenges in the future and succeed. I hope that there will be many projects that can contribute to forestry flourishing and benefit the entire society. These projects will play a crucial role in ensuring a sustainable future for our forests and the environment,” said Pavel Bednář in his acceptance speech.

“I was very interested in the project because we are currently in a dispute with the Ministry of the Environment. Thanks to this work, I have another argument to support the fact that larch is not a non-native tree, but rather a tree species, that belongs here. We want it to be listed as such in the Forestry Act,” said Minister Marek Výborný. He also added, “I am glad that we can use your work. This is a great example of how our scientists can have an impact on forestry policy in the Czech Republic.”

The Award of Ing. Jiří Novák has been awarded for the fifth time. Professional forestry community nominates the candidates, and the committee for awarding selects the recommended ones. The final decision lies with the Minister of Agriculture. This award recognizes significant achievements that impact various aspects of forestry and the forestry and timber industry.

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