Name of project:Approaches for supporting silver fir in managed forests in the Czech Republic
Year:2019 - 2023
Coordinator: Ing. Jiří Novák, Ph.D.
Researcher: Ing. Jiří Novák, Ph.D., Ing. Dušan Kacálek, Ph.D., Ing. David Dušek, Ph.D., Ing. Ondřej Špulák, Ph.D., Ing. Jakub Černý, Ing. Pavel Kotrla, Ph.D., Ing. Lena Bezděčková, Ing. František Beran, Ing. Jiří Čáp, Ing. Martin Fulín, Ph.D., Ing. Monika Vejpustková, Ph.D., Ing. Tomáš Čihák, Ph.D., Ing. Radek Novotný, Ph.D., Ing. Věra Fadrhonsová, Ing. Miloš Knížek, Ph.D., Ing. Jan Liška, Ing. Marie Zahradníková, Ing. František Lorenc, Ph.D.
Co-researcher foreign:Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze, Správa lesů města Tábora s.r.o.

Description of project

The aim of the project is to optimize both production and stability of silver fir from mitigation the climate change point of view; fir is a commercial, partly neglected, tree species used in managed forests in the Czech Republic. Research is to focus on provenances production variability, vigour and health (resilience) on long-term experimental plots. Also risks such as abiotic damage, nutrition sustainability and soil-improving function and biotic pests such as insects and fungi are to be evaluated and mitigating measures are to be suggested. Seed emergence rate increasing measures and silviculture approaches in both pure and mixed stands with fir are to be in focus including the silver fir wood properties. The results are to be a basis of publications and forestry practice guides.