Name of project:Assessing the potential for wider application of thermophilic oak species in the context of adapting forest management to ongoing climate change
Year:2023 - 2025
Provider:TA ČR
Coordinator: Ing. Pavlína Máchová, Ph.D.
Researcher: Ing. Pavlína Máchová, Ph.D., Bc. Ing. et Ing. Petr Novotný, Ph.D., Ing. Martin Fulín, Ph.D., Ing. Monika Vejpustková, Ph.D., Ing. Helena Cvrčková, Ph.D., RNDr. Václav Buriánek

Description of project

The project is focused on deepening knowledge about the occurrence of thermophilic oaks in the Czech Republic and the potential for their wider use in forestry. There will be done verification of existing and selection of other localities with natural occurrence of these oaks, primarily in southern Moravia, species identification and selection of quality trees as sources of reproductive material. Biometric and qualitative evaluations will be performed in selected stands in order to obtain information on phenotypic variability, health state, and production capacity. Depending on the available markers in selected populations of pubescent oak, or of other species, will be carried out research on genetic characteristics using molecular analyzes, including the optimization of SSR methods.