Name of project:Categorization and optimization of management of hydromelioration districts to increase the retention function of the forest
Year:2021 - 2023
Provider:Ministry of the Agriculture
Coordinator: Ing. Ondřej Špulák, Ph.D.
Researcher: Ing. Ondřej Špulák, Ph.D., Ing. Vladimír Černohous, Ph.D., Ing. Dušan Kacálek, Ph.D., Ing. František Šach, CSc., Ing. Vratislav Mansfeld, Ph.D., Ing. Robert Hruban, Ing. Karel Taubr

Description of project

The main goal of the project is to create a methodological approach that will support the protection and restoration of natural water regime in forests, including strengthening the retention capacity of forest habitats by optimizing management in forests with specific (surplus) water regime of forest soils, defined as hydromelioration districts.