Name of project:Dynamics of main nutrients in the spruce and beech stands in the CR – tree nutrition as a basic requirement of sustainable forest management
Year:2008 - 2012

Description of project

Aim of the project is to consider, on the base of complex evaluation of nutrient amount in the soil and biomass of the spruce and beech stands in different natural conditions: 1) today state of nutrient supply of these tree species, 2) inputs and outputs of basic nutrients in the ecosystem, 3) total long-term balance, affected by air pollution (deposition), and forest management measures. Evaluation is focused to five regions of different imission history, different soil environment, and connected different health state of the spruce and beech stands (Orlické hory, Středočeská pahorkatina, Beskydy, Hrubý Jeseník, Slavkovský les).