Name of project:Genetic characterization of oak populations with limited possibilities for natural regeneration and effective reproduction of local genotypes through organogenesis method to support their maintenance in their natural communities
Year:2018 - 2019
Provider:TA ČR
Coordinator: Ing. Eva Pokorná, Ph.D.
Researcher: Ing. Eva Pokorná, Ph.D., Mgr. Martina Komárková, Ph.D., Ing. Pavlína Máchová, Ph.D., Ing. Martin Fulín, Ph.D., Ing. Monika Vejpustková, Ph.D.
Co-researcher foreign:Arcibiskupství pražské

Description of project

The aim of the proposed project is to preserve and expand oak populations from localities where reproductive conditions are substantially tricky. In order to maintain their occurrence and promote biodiversity in forest stands, the main objectives of the proposed project are: 1) carrying out field surveys and selecting individuals according to the phenotypic characteristics of the site, 2) collection of plant material in phase of dormant buds in endangered oak populations, 3) evaluation of genetic variability of selected individuals using molecular markers detecting polymorphic segments of microsatellite DNA loci, 4) vegetative propagation of selected individuals by micropropagation method with the aim of their return to localitiesand integration into the current stands.