Name of project:Influence of forest stands species composition and structure on the microclimate and landscape hydrology
Year:2018 - 2022
Coordinator: doc. Ing. Vít Šrámek, Ph.D.
Researcher: doc. Ing. Vít Šrámek, Ph.D., Ing. Vladimír Černohous, Ph.D., Ing. Jakub Černý, Ing. Věra Fadrhonsová, Mgr. Kateřina Neudertová Hellebrandová, Ph.D., Ing. Jiří Souček, Ph.D., Ing. František Šach , CSc., Ing. Ondřej Špulák , Ph.D., Ing. Zdeněk Vícha
Co-researcher foreign:MENDELU, Jan Kolowrat Krakowský

Description of project

Main aim of the project is to quantify water balance parameters for forest stands depending on their site condition, species composition and forest management including both rain and snow precipitation. Project will use long-term time series as well as new actual measurements. Review and publication of forest influence on micro- and mesoclimate. Recommendation to forest practice to sustain/improve of hydro-ecological effect of forest ecosystems.