Name of project:Management of habitats with black grouse occurence in Doupovské Mts. Area
Year:2021 - 2023
Provider:Norwegian funds
Coordinator: Ing. Lucie Hambálková
Researcher: Ing. Lucie Hambálková, Ing. Jan Cukor, Ph.D., Ing. Jana Danysová
Co-researcher foreign:Vojenské lesy a statky ČR, s. p.

Description of project

According to the AOPK, the number of black grouse in the Hradiště Military District in 2006 was estimated at 20-25 males (Tejrovský, Hora 2006). The number of remaining populations in the area is endangered especially by the overgrowth of suitable habitats with successive vegetation, which provides suitable habitats for predators. The negative impact of the growing number of predators on the grouse population is documented in a number of studies that address the protection and stabilization of this species throughout the natural range (eg Jahren, et al. 2016; Smedshaug et al. 1999).

The solution is therefore mainly focused on the adjustment of overgrown habitats where the remaining population is located. Habitats in which the project will modify the biotope (removal of successive growths by soil milling) will be selected on the basis of spring monitoring of male grouse display (description of the current state). In the following years, it will be possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the adjustments made. Other specially protected and endangered bird species, which are located in the area of ​​interest of the Hradiště Military District, will also benefit from habitat modifications (Tejrovský, Hora 2006).

The aim is to support and stabilize the remaining grouse population in the area of ​​interest of the Doupov Mountains. The support will be implemented through a mosaic-like opening of overgrown habitats. This management measure, which will focus on the removal of successive vegetation, will create open areas suitable for the flow and nesting of black grouse. At the same time, the removal of successive vegetation will limit the habitats suitable for predators of nests and adult grouse (especially fox, marten or wild boar).