Name of project:Prevention of origin of bark beetle calamities in forests in the period of changing climatic conditions
Year:2023 - 2025
Coordinator: Ing. Bc. Jan Lubojacký, Ph.D.
Researcher: Ing. Bc. Jan Lubojacký, Ph.D., Ing. Miloš Knížek, Ph.D., RNDr. Adam Véle, Ph.D. et Ph.D.

Description of project

In addition to factors of a purely natural nature independent of the will of man, the managerial decisions of forest owners and the timely response of the state administration often have a decisive influence on the origin, dynamics and size of insect outbreaks. The main goal of the project is to create procedures for effective management of calamity situations in forests. Other goals are the analysis of the current bark beetle calamity and the measures introduced to manage it, the prediction of further development of this bark beetle calamity, the assessment of the salvage felling impact on the origin of bark beetle outbreaks and the preparation of procedures for operational forecasting of the volume of bark beetle salvage felling.