Name of project:Quality control of forests air liming 2019–2020
Year:2019 - 2020
Provider:Ministry of the Agriculture
Coordinator: Ing. Tomáš Čihák, Ph.D.
Researcher: Ing. Tomáš Čihák, Ph.D., Ing. Věra Fadrhonsová, Ing. Radek Novotný, Ph.D., Tomáš Charvát, DiS.

Description of project

Quality control of aerial application of dolomite limestone to forest stands. The quality of applied dolomite is checked in terms of chemical composition and physical properties (grain, moisture). Furthermore, the compliance with the prescribed fertilizer dose is checked and whether the limestone does not escape outside the limed sites. Subscription of soil samples is also performed instantly after liming to evaluate the immediate effect of liming on forest soils.