Name of project:Silvicultural approaches applied to use Douglas fir in mixed stands in the Czech Republic
Year:2011 - 2014

Description of project

Douglas fir (DG) is a most-frequently used introduced conifer under conditions of West and Middle Europe. The tree species covers 3,800ha in the Czech Republic, and it shares less than 0.1% in forested area there. According to the long-term concept, DG share is supposed to be increased to 2 % in the Czech forests. DG is typical of its’ good-quality wood, which is generally utilizable. Application of convenient silvicultural measures helps to achieve a production of valuable assortments. There is also an opinion referring DG to as alien species being not mutually adapted to local flora and fauna, which can lead to suppression of the domestic species. However, this threat has not been confirmed in the Czech Republic yet.