Name of project:The quantification of the effects of drought on forest tree species across climatic gradient of the Czech Republic
Year:2020 - 2023
Provider:TA ČR
Coordinator: Ing. Monika Vejpustková, Ph.D.
Researcher: Ing. Radim Matula, Ph.D., Ing. Monika Vejpustková, Ph.D., Ing. Tomáš Čihák, Ph.D., Mgr. Kateřina Neudertová Hellebrandová, Ph.D., Mgr. Martin Kopecký, Ph.D., Ing. Roman Plichta, Ph.D.
Co-researcher foreign:ČZU Praha, BÚ AV ČR, MENDELU Brno

Description of project

The goal of the project is to quantify the effects of drought on growth and stability of the main forest tree species across the climatic gradient of the Czech Republic using automated dendrometers and microclimatic dataloggers. The aim is to identify the limiting climatic conditions, in which the tree species are currently stressed and therefore unable to grow and survive in the long term. The goal is also to formulate practical recommendations for the use of each of the studied species in forestry with respect to their resilience and productivity under drought. Another goal is to provide general recommendations to improve forest resilience under climate change by the modification  of tree species composition.