Quality policy

Registration No. 41/010-106/09

On the basis of The International Organization for Standardization’s ISO 9001:2009, Director of Forestry and Game Management Research Institute (FGMRI) proclaims

Quality policy

The main activities of FGMRI are:

  • Research projects and tasks focused on new knowledge in the field of forestry and game management, carried on according to latest or expected scientific discoveries, and social economic interests;
  • Consultancy, expertise and test services;
  • Publishing.

Upper management leadership has adopted the binding scheme of QMS policy that is further developed and followed in all plans of project management and quality outputs and services.

FGMRI hereby undertakes to respect and ensure QMS strategy according to ISO 9001. Quality policy corresponds with the intentions of the Board of Directors, especially in these key elements of a Quality Management System:

  • Customer Satisfaction
    Upper management leadership makes efforts to meet the requirements of our clients and makes a commitment to fulfill their demands according to high quality standards with respect to continual quality improvement.
  • Product Quality
    We try that our projects meet quality criteria, therefore all employees are asked to observe the work discipline and “Code of Professional Ethics”. We support implementation of modern technologies and emphasize personnel training and qualification as well.
  • Continuous Improvement
    Upper management leadership makes a concerted effort to find new ways how to constantly improve our results:
    a) related to our existing and future clients,
    b) focused on involvement of all employees in preparation and implementation of projects.
    Upper management leadership makes a commitment to:
    a) meet objectives of quality management,
    b) increase efficiency of quality management system.
    The tools to accomplish these tasks are particular plans of project management and specified quality goals.
  • Observance of legal regulations
    Upper management leadership permanently follows and demands adherence to legal regulations from employees and suppliers within the authority of FGMRI.
  • Relations with suppliers
    Our strategy is maintenance of mutually advantageous relations with our suppliers and contractors. We demand and expect quality services and just-in-time delivery of goods from our suppliers. On the other hand, FGMRI guarantees correct business behaviour and payment habits.
  • Employee participation
    Organization creates optimum working conditions for cultivating employees’ loyalty through improvement of working environment and social conditions, making the workplace more enjoyable. Good communication and interpersonal skills as well as team building are also widely promoted. All employees are motivated to actively participate in group projects and meet quality improvement tasks.

Assoc. Prof. Petr Zahradník, Dr.

Strnady, January 1, 2010