Visit from BIFOR Birmingham

On 15th March, 2022, two researchers (Dr. Angeliki Kourmouli, Dr. Robert Grzesik) from the BIFOR (Birmingham Institute of Forest Research, Great Britain) visited the FGMRI Jíloviště in Strnady. On the occasion of this event, an improvised workshop was organized for visitors from Birmingham, at which representatives of the individual departments of the VULHM presented the content and focus of their activities.

At the seminar, Dr. A. Kourmouli provided information about the BIFOR research institute, in which she focused on the results of the current research project, in the solution of which she and Dr. R. Grzesik have been involved (monitoring the presence of carbon dioxide in forest stands in different site conditions).

The seminar also included a tour of the laboratories of biotechnology and DNA analysis in the Department of Biology and Forest Tree Breeding.