Workshop canceled

Dear colleagues,

The situation with the spreading corona virus Covid-19 is alerting. With a great regret the organizing and scientific committee has decided to cancel the Forests´ Future workshop in Jihlava. This decision is fully consistent with the recommendation of our ministry to cancel all international events organized by state or public bodies. There is also general ban on every meeting/event with more than 100 participants.

Registration fee

For those who has paid the registration fee we need following information before we will sent you credit note and the registration fee back:

  • Account holder name
  • Account holder address
  • IBAN
  • Invoice number

For participants from Czech Republic VAT CODE, IBAN and SWIFT CODE are not needed.


We have informed all pre-booked hotels about cancelling the meeting. Participants, however, should contact their hotel and cancel their stay. Some hotels will charge no storno fee, in some others it seems there may be charged some deduction. You will get exact information from your hotel.

Book of Abstract

We don´t want to lose all you effort you have invested in the Forests´ Future meeting. All your gathered abstracts will be compiled in Book of Abstracts, which will be sent to you in pdf format.

On-line work

Also we don´t want to waste the chance to summarize the bark beetle situation and related environmental, reforestation and silviculture issues in the Central European region. The scientific committee will prepare some questionnaire to gather sound and up-to date information and will invite you to contribute to outputs of the (non-realized) meeting in kind of resolution or declaration. We will be pleased by your cooperation.

Forests´ Future 2021

On the behalf of organizing committee I suggest to organize Forests´Future 2021 conference from March 22nd till 25th  2021. The situation with bark beetle will be different from now but without any question dramatic. Please, save the date. Official invitation will be distributed in the Autumn 2020.

We are really sorry for cancelling such a promising event but clearly the (common) health is now of higher importance. My personal hope is that invested effort will paid off and that we have established kind of group which can contribute to resistance to such a threatening forestry issue.

If you need any help, please, don´t hesitate to contact:;