Hugo Konias – excellent forester from Opocno

Hugo Konias (* 1. 7. 1891 Volduchy; † 6. 5. 1954 Opocno)

Hugo Konias was the most famous forester who as a forest counsel and a later director of the Colloredo-Mansfeld´s manor at Opocno substantially influenced forest management of this region. He had used modern ways of forest management on vast area of 4,500 ha from 1924 and fetched the broad forestry community by his work.
He concentrated on conversion of pure even-aged stands into mixed uneven-aged stands fitting site conditions. Solving conversions became the main research project at the time after founding the research station. Hugo Konias offered also a wide consultancy. He taught Ing. Vladimír Zakopal, who assisted him, and later became his follower. Since establishment of the Research institute for silviculture, forest seed and forest nursery management at Opocno in 1951, Hugo Konias was a reputable special worker of that station.

Primary resource:

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