ICP Forests EPM 2020

MEETING CANCELED, click for more information


ICP Forests Combined meeting of the Expert Panels on Meteorology, Phenology and Leaf Area Index; Forest Growth; Ambient Air Quality; Biodiversity and Ground Vegetation; Kutná Hora, Czech Republic, 9th – 12th March 2020



Dear colleagues,
Welcome to the page of ICP Forests Expert Panels Combined meeting. You will find here the information about the Venue, Transportation, Programme as well as the Registration Page. The meeting is organized a bit earlier than usual in order to discuss changes in the Manual and deliver them to PCC and NFCs in time before the next Task Force Meeting. Due to the early date we were not sure if there will be the possibility to organize an excursion to a monitoring site, so we offer an optional half day excursion to the historical sites of Kutná Hora before your arrival.
Accommodation is pre-booked until the 10th of January but we advise to reserve it earlier, especially if you will need a parking slot for your car, which are limited.
For payment you will obtain a pro-forma invoice after your registration. If there are several participants from one institution we would prefer common invoice for the whole group. Please consider this and use the “collective invoice” field in your registration if it is suitable for you.
Deadline for both registration and accommodation is January 10th 2020.
We are looking forward meeting you in Kutná hora.

Organizing committee
Vít Šrámek, FGMRI
Jana Danysová, FGMRI
Stephan Raspe, Chair of EP on Meteorology, Phenology and LAI
Stefan Fleck, Co-Chair of EP on Meteorology, Phenology and LAI
Tom Levanič, Chair of EP on Forest Growth
Diana Pitar, Chair of EP on Ambient Air Quality
Elena Gottardini, Co-Chair of EP on Ambient Air Quality
Roberto Canullo, Chair of EP on Biodiversity and Ground Vegetation

Contacts to local organizers:
Jana Danysová: danysova@vulhm.cz
Vít Šrámek: sramek@vulhm.cz; tel.: +420 602 260 808