Intensive monitoring of the forest ekosystem

Within the 16 level II plots detailed evaluation of the forest state, and of the factors which affect it, is done. The plots were installed gradually since 1994, in 2004 the last reconstruction was done, in connection to the National Forestry programme of CR NLP), to cover the main tree species in their natural regions, proportionally to their representation ( spruce 50 %, pine 20 %, oak 10 %, beech 10 %, others 10 %).

Level II plots – actual state

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Intensive Monitoring programme is financed with the sources by the Ministry of Agriculture, part of it is covered by the European Commission within the projects Forest Focus (2003-2008). Some partial activities are financed by the Ministry of the Environment.
The work is done in harmony with the ICP Forests Programme, using the methods as given in the last version of the manual agreed (MANUAL on methods and criteria for harmonized sampling, assessment, monitoring and analysis of the effects of air pollution on forests), individual chapters – see

Main activities in the plots:

  • Crown condition assessment
  • Soil condition
  • Soil solution chemistry
  • Chemical analyses of the assimilation organs
  • Growth
  • Deposition
  • Meteorological measuring
  • Ground vegetation
  • Fenology (recomended)
  • Air quality
  • Litterfall

Intensive monitoring plots

Most complete investigation, as far as possible, is the goal. However, some parameters are obligatory only in part of the intensive monitoring plots due to very high costs. Spectrum of the parameters investigated within individual plots in 2008 is presented in the map. Put the cursor in the plot mark – shows the international code and name.

Intensive monitoring under the FutMon project (2009-2011)

The FutMon project is realized in 2009 – 2011. The unique European method is used to evaluate individual parameters of the forest state and environmental factors. Intensive monitoring is focused to selected plots with the complete spectrum of parameters investigated – in CR it is 14 plots, which are included in the international database, of the total of 16 localities of the national network. In these plots, complete measuring, according to the upgraded versions of the Manual ICP Forests, should be done.
For more information see FutMon in CR or official European pages of the project.