Novotný Radek, Ing. Ph.D.

Phone:602 291 763
Department:Department of Forest ecology


2008          Ph.D. degree, Faculty of forestry, Czech University of Life Science in Prague,
Czech Republic, principal subject: Forest ecology

2007          Licence study, University of Pardubice,
principal subject: Statistical analysis of experimental data

1999          M.Sc., Faculty of forestry, Czech University of Agriculture in Prague, principal subject: Forest engineering


Member of Expert panel on Ambient air quality and Expert panel Foliar analysis of ICP Forests,
Member of Expert panel Reserch and Inovation of Europaregion Donau-Moldau.

Main research projects:

2011-2014NAZV QI112A168 FORSOIL: Forest soils as the determining factor for the forest health, biodiversity and the base for forest production as well as for non-productive functions (coordinator)
2009-2011Life+ FutMon – Further Development and Implementation of an EU-level Forest Monitoring System (other investigator in charge of forest tree nutrition, ambient air quality and assessment of ground level ozone injuries on vegetation)
2008-2012NAZV QH81246: Dynamics of main nutrients content in the spruce and beech stands in the Czech Republic (other investigator in charge of  forest measurement and biomass assessment)
2005-2008NAZV 1G5745: Influence of enhanced ozone concentrations and meteorological factors on the stability of spruce and beech forest stands in the Czech Republic (other investigator in charge of tree nutrition, ground level ozone influence on forest ecosystem)
2001-2004NAZV QC1723: Influence of current nitrogen deposition on increment enhancement and quality of nutrition of spruce forest stands (other investigator in charge of tree nutrition)

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