Name of project:Aluminum content in forest soils – the identification of hot spot, ameliorative methods on degraded sites, forest management practice for sustaining the productive and non-productive functions of for
Year:2009 - 2013
Researcher foreign:ČZU

Description of project

In selected plots in the spruce and beech stands, the analyses, done within the BIOSOIL project, are completed in stating of individual forms of aluminium. Samples of the roots are taken and vitality, myccorhizae amount and quality, and Ca/Al ratio stated, together with Al available in solution of BaCl2 , with representation of individual aluminium forms and toxic forms of this element. On the base of the results, effect of toxic forms of aluminium on the state and vitality of the roots, and health state of the spruce and beech stands in general, will be evaluated. The project is solved in cooperation with the Czech University of Agriculture, Faculty of Agro biology, food and natural sources.