Name of project:Forest soil as the determining factor for the forest health, biodiversity and the base for forest production as well as for non-productive functions
Year:2011 - 2014
Coordinator: Ing. Radek Novotný, Ph.D.
Researcher: Ing. Radek Novotný, Ph.D., RNDr. Václav Buriánek, Ing. Věra Fadrhonsová, Mgr. Kateřina Neudertová Hellebrandová, Ph.D., Ing. Zora Lachmanová, Ph.D., doc. Ing. Vít Šrámek, Ph.D., RNDr. Hůnová, RNDr. Skořepová, Doc. Zapletal
Co-researcher foreign:ČHMÚ (RNDr. Hůnová), ČGS (RNDr. Skořepová), Ekotoxa (Doc. Zapletal)

Description of project

The project is focused on actual problem of critical load of the forest soil and its exceeding. The aim is to bring the information needed to state recent values of critical loads and their exceeding in the forest stands of CR, and to evaluate whether such data are relevant to characterize the state of soils, as presented in today forest typology system. The project will give general view to the situation, and, after calibrating on the data measured it will enable to work-out actualized maps, showing localities where the critical loads of the forest soil are exceeded.