Name of project:Genetic characteristics of forest stands in genetic conservation unit by DNA analyses – a model procedure as the base for government decision-making in conservation and reproduction of genetic resour
Year:2015 - 2018
Coordinator: Ing. Pavlína Máchová, Ph.D.
Researcher: Ing. Pavlína Máchová, Ph.D., Ing. Helena Cvrčková, Ph.D., Ing. Josef Frýdl, CSc., Ing. et Ing. Petr Novotný, Ph.D., Ing. Martin Fulín, Ph.D.

Description of project

The aim of proposed project is to develop a general procedure to evaluate the genetic diversity of populations of targeted tree species to include them in the complex of genetic gonservation units in frame of their certification. The methodology will serve to the state authorities for the purpose of rationalization and objectification of their decision-making in the implementation of subsidy policy, in frame of the National Programme intended by the Law No. 149/2003 Sb. In the course of the project solution, it will be performed phenotypic investigation and analysis of DNA for individual donors of Norway spruce from from selected populations in model genetic conservation unit for their genetic variability study. Identified genetic characteristics of the donor trees and their phenotypic characterization results will be statistically evaluated. The results obtained will be interpreted in the context of existing rules for the granting of subsidies to forest owners for the purpose of the genetic Conservation units certification and management.