Name of project:Methods for the assessment of forest soil loadings with risk subsatnces and identification of ecological risk from forest soil contamination
Year:2011 - 2014
Researcher foreign:ČZU v Praze
Co-researcher foreign:VÚMOP

Description of project

Leading partner of the project is the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague; other cooperating partners are the Research Institute of amelioration and soil protection and Masaryk University in Brno. Aim of the project is to propose and verify the method of measuring of the soil contamination and following evaluation of environmental, but also health risks in conditions of the concrete forest stands. Total load of the forest soil by the risk elements and persistent organic pollutants will be identified, and resulting potential ecological risks for mainly soil organisms, vegetation and the forest ecosystem in general will be stated. Evaluation of the impact on forest biota will be of basic importance, as microbial ass. are considered to be the main bio-indicators of soil environment health state and the reference values for the parameters of soil microbial associations are still missing.