Name of project:Participation of the Czech Republic in evaluating European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) provenances with the aim to judge their utilization in forestry regarding expected climatic changes
Number:COST OC08009
Year:2008 - 2010

Description of project

Subject of project consists in realization of biometric measurements, phenotype evaluation and investigation of phenology characteristics including evaluation of leaf-fall. Research has been realized in European beech international provenance plots of the IUFRO II. and III. series having been established in 1995 and 1998 in the Czech Republic. Another data evaluation has also been realized in case of other E. beech foreign provenances having been tested in another national provenance plots in the Czech Republic, where actual results of their evaluation are available. As for the aim of E. beech foreign provenances evaluation in the Czech Republic conditions, this is both obtaining of information about E. beech genetically conditioned variability and especially obtaining of information about behaviour of E. beech with regards to supposed and expected climatic changes (having been partially demonstrable already in current time, besides), in accordance with the aim of COST Action E52 international project „Evaluation of beech genetic resources for sustainable forestry“ (2006 – 2010), having been currently realized in 20 European countries, including the Czech Republic.