Name of project:Stabilization and development of black grouse (Tetrao tetrix) population in the Czech Republic based on the Norwegian knowledge
Year:2020 - 2020
Provider:Norwegian funds
Coordinator: Ing. Rostislav Linda
Researcher: Ing. Rostislav Linda, Ing. Jan Cukor, Ph.D., Ing. František Havránek, CSc., Jørgen Rosvold, Erlend B. Nilsen
Co-researcher foreign:Norwegian Institute for Nature Research – NINA

Description of project

The main aim of this initiative was to synthesize and provide an overview of the main causes of black grouse population decline of black grouse in the Czech Republic, in order to understand the potential of further impact in newly formed habitats in forest stands disturbed by recent bark-beetle outbreak. The second aim of the project is for the Czech research team to get familiar with black grouse population biology, management and monitoring in Norway. Also, the project aimed at establishment of cooperation between FGMRI and NINA.