Name of project:Standardized growing substrates for containerized seedlings of forest tree species
Year:2013 - 2016
Provider:TA ČR
Researcher foreign:Výzkumný ústav Silva Taroucy pro krajinu a okrasné zahradnictví, v. v. i. Průhonice
Co-researcher foreign:Rašelina a. s. Soběslav

Description of project

The objective of the project is to devise and evaluate growing media together with nutritional systems that ensure optimal growth of containerized seedlings of forest tree species and decrease leaching of nutrients from the medium to ground water. Model substrates will be prepared from different peat types as for degree of decay and way of mining. Substrate properties will be improved by other components increasing air capacity (coco fibres, perlite) and cation exchange capacity (clay, zeolite). Proposed substrate composition will be tested in conditions of forest nurseries. Each substrate will be evaluated in a laboratory and parameters for physical and chemical properties will be proposed. Special nutritional system (systems) will be proposed for each substrate. Soluble fertilizers as well as slow release fertilizer and control release fertilizer (CFR) will be used in these systems. It will ensure quality growth of tree seedlings and decrease pollution of ground water. Nutrients leaching will be monitored in some experiments. Results of the project will be used by the Rašelina a.s. and by other firms producing growing substrates including some nurseries. Many subjects will use results for parameters setting in cases of competitive tendering.