Name of project:The use of genomics and genetic engineering for identification and development of plant genotypes suitable for environment bioremediation
Year:2006 - 2011

Description of project

Comprehensive knowledge of the genetic determination of the ability of the plant to tolerate/acumulate/degrade xenobiotics in the environment is still insufficient. The project aims to gain more information on genome structure and function including proteom and metabolom of model plant Arabidopsis thaliana and selected woody species and species that can be used for bioremediation. The informations will be used to clone genes responisble for bioremediation from wild species (e.g. Saponaria officinalis). The genes will be used for transformation of woody species and species suitable for biomass production (Canabis sativum). Protocol for Canabis sativum transformation will be optimised and risk assesment necessary for the release of transgenic Canabis sativum into the environmenet will be developed.