Name of project:Tools and measures to minimise damage to the roots of nursery plants after planting caused by wild boar
Year:2019 - 2022
Provider:TA ČR
Coordinator: Ing. Jarmila Nárovcová, Ph.D.
Researcher: Ing. Jarmila Nárovcová, Ph.D., Ing. Dušan Kacálek, Ph.D., Ing. Václav Nárovec, CSc., David Šimek, Dušan Bartoš, Jiří Balcar, doc. Ing. Jiří Kamler, Ph.D., Ing. Milan Coufal
Researcher foreign:Mendelova univerzita v Brně, Lesnická a dřevařská fakulta, Ústav ochrany lesů a myslivosti
Co-researcher foreign:LST a. s.

Description of project

The purpose of the project is to create a methodology for limiting the damage caused by wild boar to deciduous plantings in the woods. This methodology will be based on extensive inventory of damage and experiments, and will include an assessment of all relevant factors, including analysis of peat growing media and nutrition systems used for cultivation. The research input will be a detailed analysis of the factors that reduce or increase the risk of damage, and guidance on practical measures. The main result will be certified methodology with a deadline of 10/2022. Partial results will be available to users continuously in the form of articles in the professional journals and on the web-sites.