Name of project:Utilization of silver fir genetic conservation units in a complex of measures aimed at this species gene resources preservation and reproduction in the Czech Republic forest management
Year:2009 - 2013

Description of project

In the project, there is attention paid to problems of silver fir, in particular for valuable autochthonous stands of this species, which are currently mostly registered in the Czech Republic genetic conservation units having been declared as for silver fir as the main species of interest, as well as in such genetic conservation units, where silver fir has been declared as one of the species of interest. The project itself will consist in realization of these aims: 1) On the basis of genetic conservation units revision, it will be judged whether the current state and efficiency of partial management treatments having been oriented especially to induction and assurance of natural regeneration, as the main regeneration method for genetic conservation units. 2) As follow-up information, there will be comprehensively worked out and processed results of evaluation of partial silver fir populations progenies from genetic conservation units, which have been verified in research plots established up to now. 3) Within application of recent molecular biology methods (analyses of isozymes), another phases of research activities aimed at verification of genetically conditioned variability of selected silver fir populations from the Czech Republic genetic conservation units will be realized. 4) Activities being oriented to preparation and realization of new series of research plots establishment will be realized. In these research plots, there will be verified progenies of valuable silver fir from local partial populations within genetic conservation units with the aim to collect information about their genetically conditioned variability.