Service for forest owners

Expert and advisory services for forest owners and managers in regard to identifying the causes of forest damage by the direct and indirect effects of air pollution and of other anthropogenic influences and in relation to the nutrition for the stands and the soil conditions

During the period between 2009 and 2013 this service represented was one part of the activities of the Forest Protection Service (FPS). A new contract for the FPS activities was concluded in September 2014 for a period of 36 months, i.e. until September 2017. The funds of the Forest Protection Service can be utilised for covering the activities that are carried out on behalf of the forests owners and managers (on land recorded in the Land Register as being intended for fulfilling forest functions) regardless of the form of ownership. The other interested parties pay for these services from their own resources.

This service, based on a chemical analysis of the soil, the assimilation organs of the trees or the water samples (the surface water, the irrigation water, the rainwater, etc.), enables determining the air pollution and any other possible abiotic causes of the damage to and the decline of the forest stands.

Based on the investigation and the results of the chemical analysis of the samples it is possible:

  • to develop an expert opinion, not only in regard to the effects of air pollution on forest trees, for the judicial compensation proceedings;
  • to identify the causes of the decline of the forest stands based on both soil and leaf analysis and to develop an expert opinion and to obtain advice, including recommendations for any requisite corrective actions;
  • to assess the quality of the substrates and of the irrigation water and to develop a proposal for the fertilisation and the liming of the forest nurseries;
  • to prepare an expert opinion for the forest’s owners and its users – an expert assessment of the nutrition of the stands, the quality of the forest soils and a laboratory analysis of the leaf organs, the soils, the surface water and the rainwater.

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