In the plots, basic measuring of meteorological parameters is done in open area. The plot should be close to the monitoring plot (max. 3 km); ideally it should fulfil, in the long-term perspective, the conditions of meteorological measuring, as specified in WMO. However, this standard cannot be ensured in all the plots.

Basic parameters measured are air temperature and moisture, intensity of sun radiation, precipitation amount in non-frost period. Since 2010, in most of the stations also data on wind velocity and direction are measured by mechanical anemometers, in the height of 10m. Data are measured in one-minute intervals; ten-minute averages are recorded. The stations are controlled appriximatelly every three months, when the batteries are changed and basic service done. In most of the stations data transmission by GSM modems is possible, making possible continuous control of the station. The data measured are continuously at disposal also at the webpage.

In three of the station, with electric supply, measuring of the basic parameter is completed with measuring of winter precipitation (heated meters) and wind direction and velocity (heated sonic anemometer). In ten of the plots, included in the D3 project of FutMon also soil characteristics in the forest stand are measured. It is measuring of the soil temperature in three depths (10, 30 and 50 cm), soil water potential in three depths and two repetitions, and relative soil moisture (volume in %) in three repetitions, in the depths of 10, 30 and 50 cm.