Research projects


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NumberName / DescriptionYear
QJ1520299Applying Douglas fir in forest management of the Czech Republic2015 - 2018
QK1920328Complex solution of forest restoration and silvicultural management in regions with fast large-scale forest decline2019 - 2021
QK22020008Comprehensive assessment of wood-producing and non-wood producing functions of pioneer tree species stands2022 - 2024
TH02030823Development of metodic-technical procedures, minimizing the impacts of forest management on the quality of groundwater as a result of the migration of excess reactive nitrogen and phosphorus2017 - 2020
SOD O-1/2019Differentiation of forest sites and management of pine, oak and beech stands to reduce unfavourable impacts of the environmental changes2019 - 2021
26694/2008-16210/VZ-38Expert and consultancy activities in forest nursery management, reforestation, regeneration and tending of forest stands2008 - 2011
TO01000345Forest functions in the past, present and future – what can society expect from forests under climate change?2021 - 2024
QK1820091Forest Management in Areas Affected by Long Term Drought2018 - 2021
3211100015Implementation of innovative forest regeneration procedures on large-scale clearings with regard to the support of biodiversity and increasing the functionality of forest ecosystems2022 - 2024
QJ1530298Optimising the use of ameliorative and stabilizing tree species in the forests2015 - 2018
QK21020307Optimization of silviculture procedures for adaptation of forest ecosystems to climate change2021 - 2023
TQ03000107Rich-structured mixed stands as a key form of forest management adaptation to ongoing climate change2024 - 2025
QJ1520291Silvicultural measures to support a resistance of forest stands to increased nitrogen load2015 - 2018
QK21010335The potential how to employ European larch in the Czech forests under GCC2021 - 2024
QK1810126The reforestation and forest thinning of nurse and target tree species mixtures with the production and non-productive functions of the forest in the area of large-scale die of spruce stands2018 - 2022